Garage Door Up-Keep

Your garage door is more than likely the hardest operating and largest moving part on your home. Many families open and close their garage doors as numerous as 10 times each day or more. And with all of that motion, those parts can wear overtime. It crucial to inspect your garage door occasionally and carry out some easy upkeep tasks routinely.

Garage Door Service, Repair and Upkeep Tips and Arrange
Regular monthly Recommendations

Visual Inspection– Exactly what to try to find:

Springs– broken
Cables– worn strips or fraying
Rollers– move smoothing and quietly
Sections– peeling paint, rust or dents
Track– bent or twisted, securely connected
Hinges– bent or damaged

Garage Door Balance Test
For Garage Doors with an automatic opener system:

Close the door.
Disconnect the automated opener.
Raise the door manually.

Pass– The door opens easily and stays completely open.

Fail– It is hard to open and/or it doesn’t remain totally open.

If your garage door does not pass the Garage Door Balance Test, the door may be out of balance and ought to be serviced by a trained service professional.

Reversing System Test
For Garage Doors with an automated opener system:

Open garage door fully.
Lay a piece of wood such as a 2 × 4 on the floor in the center of the garage door opening where the door would touch the floor.
Press the garage door opener’s transmitter or wall button to close the door.

Pass– When the door strikes the wood, it immediately reverses.

Fail– When the door strikes the wood, it does not instantly reverse.

If your garage door does not pass the Reversing System Test, the door might be out of balance and ought to be serviced by an experienced service technician.

Picture Eye Test
For Garage Doors with an automated opener system:

Open garage door fully.
Press the opener’s transmitter or wall button to close the door.
Wave a long things such as a broomstick in front of the door’s picture eyes so that it breaks the beam.

Pass– The garage door will immediately reverse and resume when the beam is broken.

Fail– The garage door does not reverse or resume when the bean is broken.

If your garage door does not pass the Photo Eye Test, close the door and attempt cleaning the image eyes with a soft, dry cloth. If it still stops working, a qualified service specialist should service the door.

Warning: Garage door openers made after January 1, 1993, are required by federal law to be geared up with a reversing system and a photo eye or edge sensing unit as added procedures of security to prevent entrapment. If your garage door system does not have these features, the IDA advises replacement of your system.

Common Garage Door Repair Problems

Garage door repair is something that many homeowners have to deal with from time to time. There are many people who have been forced to spend a lot of money replacing their garage doors because they did not repair it when it was needed. Regular door repair will also ensure that the garage door is safe for both people and your vehicles. A well-maintained garage door will be more efficient to use. There are many different problems that can come up and will need a professional garage door repair to fix within the shortest time possible.

It is important to know some of the common problems you can get as a homeowner because it takes it easy to explain it to the technician fixing the problem. It can also help you know what you can expect to replace during the door repair. There are some problems that are not easy to notice, and this is why it is a good idea to have a professional garage door repair technician do regular maintenance checks. Some of the common garage door repair problems are;

You push the close button, but it does not close

Many modern garage door openers have built-in sensors that will sense any resistance on the hatch. If there is a hinge or spring broken, then the mechanics will not be able to pull the chain. There are some instances when the problem lies with the opener. A qualified technician can easily determine the problem and advise you on what you need to do.

You hear the opener running, but nothing happens

The openers of the garage door will wear out over time, and the gears are usually the first thing to go. If the gears are stripped, the chain cannot be moved, and this means that the hatch will not raise or lower. In some cases, the gears can be replaced, but there are some instances when you will be forced to replace the entire system.

You have a kick out door and you want it to be repaired

There will be technicians willing to help you repair your one-piece door, also known as a kick out. However, these systems are outdated and are not safe. While they may seem to be in the perfect working conditions, they are not safe. You should make an effort of having it replaced with a newer and safer model.

The hatch opens stiffly and makes noise

Having a noisy garage door is a common problem for many people. In order to solve the problem, the technicians will replace the rollers. Many companies usually go with plastic rollers that easily wear out. You should ask for low-resistance rollers when having them replaced. It is lower maintenance and works smoother than the traditional options.

The rollers are out of the track and it’s pulling the door

There are many different factors that can cause this to happen. The rollers could be so worn out that they go out of track. Sometimes the track may have been obstructed by something or bent. It may also be caused by broken springs at the top causing the panels to pull off track.