Fall HVAC Advice For Everyone

Fall is in full speed and the nights have been getting pretty chillly, which suggests you may have currently switched on your heat. Before it gets back at chillier, though, take a minute to do some quick HVAC maintenance. A properly maintained HEATING AND COOLING system will last longer and will carry out better, keeping you warmer.
Set Up New Filters

HEATING AND COOLING filters should be altered on a regular basis (at Oliver, we advise each to 3 months), so prior to you enter into the full swing of heat season, start your unit with fresh filters and get rid of all the pollen, dust, and dirt that may have collected over the summertime.
Evaluate the Weatherstripping

You need to assess the weatherstripping on your windows and doors. It can make them breezy and cause an increase of cold air from outside if it’s bad. The cold air will make your HEATING AND COOLING system work harder than it needs to and in turn, you’ll pay more for your energy bill.
Open Your Closed Vents

If you have actually ever heard that you ought to close air duct vents in spaces you’re not utilizing, don’t heed that guidance. When a vent is closed, heat can’t take a trip properly through your house, which makes your system to work more difficult than it has to. Open your closed vents and let your A/C system do its task to attain optimal performance.
Mind the Landscaping

While you must actually mind the landscaping near your HVAC system all year long, it’s specifically crucial to do so throughout the fall. If this happens and your HEATING AND COOLING unit is nearby, it might undergo some damage.
Do a Thermostat Test

Before you put your heat on full blast, do a test to make sure it’s working well. Utilize a separate reading to ensure your house is at the temperature your thermostat states it is. Call one of our A/C service specialists; we’ll assess the system and figure out what’s triggering the problem if it’s not.

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