Drilling And Screwing Into Wood

How to quickly master it

Screw joints are a fast and simple alternative to glue joints in furniture building. Nevertheless, drilling in wood is more difficult than it looks. Here you will find out what to look out for when screw driving and drilling in wood.


How to ensure great, strong screw joints:

You can utilize a twist drill bit for regular holes with little to medium size. The Forstner drill bit is ideal for drilling shallow holes of up to 30 mm size.
2 – Constantly utilize wood screws. They have a high-incline thread and a pronounced idea. The shank is cylindrical or conical.
3 – (Cordless) screwdrivers and (cordless) drill/drivers are ideal for screwdriving. If you only need to own screws sometimes, you can also utilize a drill.
4 – Make certain that the bit you utilize in your tool fits the screw completely. Otherwise it may slip out of the screw throughout screwdriving. “Torx” screws use the very best grip, “cross head” screws (technical term: Pozidriv or Philips) are typically much better suited than slotted screws.
5 – You will accomplish the best result by drilling along the grain of the wood. Place the drill bit easily against the workpiece.
6 – Repair the workpiece utilizing clamps to prevent it from slipping during drilling. Place a scrap panel below the workpiece, so that you can drill into the scrap panel without damaging your worktop. This likewise avoids fibers from being removed when you drill through the work piece.
7 – To connect 2 pieces of wood with screws, constantly pre-drill a hole that is 0.5 to 1 mm larger than the screw size in the piece where you wish to insert the screws first. In contrast, you should always pre-drill a hole that is 1 mm smaller in the piece you are screwing into. This makes sure that the thread will grip well.
8 – If you are utilizing flat head screws, countersink the drilled hole deep enough for the head of the screw to vanish into it completely.

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