Moving Locations? Commercial Moving Tips

5 Commercial Moving Tips for Your Phoenix, AZ Business

Whether your Phoenix, AZ business is expanding, downsizing, or simply moving to a better lease agreement here in beautiful Phoenix, AZ, the time has come to pack up your office.

Where do you even begin? Moving a business can be a daunting task, but it does not need to be! To help you get ready for this process, we compiled these tips.

  • Plan Ahead and Designate Appropriately

Make sure your department leaders know their responsibilities. Provide an overall checklist for the move and let the department leaders break down the steps for their employees.

Communicate with your employees about the move as soon as you can. The longer you have to plan the move, the easier things will be when the actual days come. This also gives you time to discuss any concerns your employees may have, such as changes in commute.

Work with both your old and new building management teams to plan a good time for the move and learn any specific rules they may have, such as what hours moving can take place and if any special precautions must be taken.

You want to start as early as possible, preferably months in advance. However, life happens. If you find out that a move is happening sooner than you expected, don’t panic. It’s still a manageable task. Communicate clearly with your teams, and get the whole office involved. You might just be surprised how well things run when everyone is on the same page.

  • Communicate with your Clients or Customers

You want to be sure that moving has a minimal impact on business operations. One way to accomplish this is to communicate clearly with your clients and customers. Let them know what to expect in the coming months and plan around moving tasks. If needed, have meetings outside of the office for a few days while your employees work on transitioning.

Many people are understanding when it comes to a move. So long as they know what to expect, they’ll work with you to ensure that business runs smoothly throughout for your business and their own.

  • Consolidate and Declutter

Now is a great time to assess the items in your office. If you’ve been holding on to old phones or equipment, take advantage of the move to donate or recycle these items as needed. The fewer things to pack and transition, the smoother the shift. The same goes for any office supplies that have been sitting around unused. These items can even lead to tax breaks if you donate them to registered charities.

  • Stay Organized and Pack Well

Let’s start with your computers. Before you start shutting them down for the move, be sure that all of your data has been backed up, preferably in a couple different ways. You can use cloud storage, discs, or external hard drives to store copies of your documents. Once your files are safe, shut down your computers and assign a number to each. Unplug cables one at a time and store them in numbered bags that match their computer. Package monitors and towers as securely as possible, cushioning them in bubble wrap.

For office machines like printers, copiers, and FAX machines, secure all toner and ink, tape down scanner lids, and check your user’s guide for any specific instructions. If you have a dedicated repairman, seek his advice on how to safely transfer the machines.

2-drawer file cabinets can be held shut with tape and other materials, but larger cabinets should be unloaded and have their drawers packaged separately. Make sure you list what furniture is staying and what is going with you.

  • Have Move Leaders

Designate someone at the old building and the new to be in charge of packing and moving. Dose Moving Company in Phoenix can ensure items are packed properly and moved, nothing is damaged during the transition, and anything that needs to be cleaned, is. Dose Moving Company can help organize items as they arrive, ensure that nothing is damaged in the transition, and be a presence at the building so IT can get equipment moved in and set up quickly.

Always remember to walk both properties before the move, notating building conditions. Check that your insurance— or, if you hire movers, their insurance— is up to date leading up to the move.

Communication is key when moving a business: keep your team updated, keep your clients updated and keep building management updated. The more in sync everyone is, the smoother the process will be. If you decide that you would rather trust your packages to a moving company than scattered between your employees, please don’t hesitate to call Dose Moving & Storage. We would be happy to assist in your move.

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